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We are in the business to help our clients get what they've earned by combining the power of attorney contact with the fundamentals of collections to enhance the potential of a high rate of return from debtors. Our customer service and client satisfaction are rated very high and unparalleled by virtually any other company in our industry. We share all information with you and focus on growing together in an established relationship with personalized attention to detail to ensure that you are never treated as just another name on a file.

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JVS Group, Inc. now Meduit Company specializes in Commercial Business, Medical Healthcare Clinic, and Retail Business Collections.  We are far from being a typical collection agency and are structured in a way that allows us to personally handle your project every step of the way. With our in-house attorneys and collectors, we are able to swiftly evaluate your case and maximize recovery while negotiating with debtors and obtaining the results you deserve.

Utilizing our single collection firm for all collection and litigation saves you valuable time, stress, and money while pursuing your judgments. Our team will only engage the legal recovery phase if requested and will provide instantly updated computer status reports to you in order to let you follow our progress in real time.




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